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Herb Lakin
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Herb Lakin
Stylist ● Barber
Concept Designer
Print Shop Owner 40 Years
Melissa's Salon Concepts:  Sold 5/31/2013
Eight + (8) years has now elasped


Melissa's Salon Concepts was conceived and developed by Herb Lakin.  Melissa is our daughter.  Mr. Lakin was a licensed Hair Stylist for over 30 years.  As a licensed Cosmetologist and a Barber, Mr. Lakin drew on his knowledge and experience. 
He developed a line of beauty support products and organizers that have "Revolutionized" the industry today.  First and foremost was all products had to have a consensus.  Participation by focus groups.  Feedback was the key to success.  Products can and will be plagiarized by opportunists.  Developers will always lead by vision.  Being a part of a family of Cosmo's was an enormous asset.  From my Father, the Barber to Sister's-in-Law, cousins and other family members, idea's flowed.  Thank you, for all your contributions. 
And, a big thank you to Margie of Class Act Salon.

Melissa's Organizers were "GREAT" .........because they worked!

Our products were assisted in the development process by the client base that uses them. 
Each Beauty Professional was encouraged to continue to send in requests to perfect an
excellent product and evolve it into exactly what they
Want / Require  /Demand!  We simply.................Listened to our clients! 

Beauty Salon Industry Facts:

The list of 1st's since 1992 are varied and numerous:
●  1st. Original Design...2 Column Appointment Book First Book Introduced in 1995 at BBSI.
●  1st. Original Design...Client Profile & History System with Full Sized Cards and A-Z Index.
●  1st. Original Design..."New Style" Appointment Books incorporating Calendars and Quality Paper.
●  1st. Original Design...Weekly & Daily Cash Reconciliation Envelopes for Beauty Industry.
●  1st. Original Design...Income & Expense Reports for the Beauty Industry
●  1st. Original Design...Client Cards for Hair - Nail Techs - Skin Care - Tanning
●  1st. Original Design...Next Appointment Slips for Client Contact.
●  1st. Original Design..."Dated" Week-Month-Year Calendar Organizer for Beauty Industry.
●  1st. Original Design...Receipt & Prescription Pad Combo for Hair - Nails - Skin Care.
●  1st. Original Design...Appointment Books using Plastic Coil to bind books. (no metal or wire-O)

All products were Salon Tested by and for licensed Beauty Care Professionals.

Melissa's products were used nationwide and carried by over 250 Beauty Supply Distributors
per year since 1994.
Some distributors having 100's of  locations nationwide.